Choosing the right Web Hosting Services

Now-a-days, As Web resources are getting more and more affordable, more and more businesses want an online face for their brands. But in the excitement of having a website and surrounded with lucrative offers from various host. Most of the businesses pitfall in choosing wrong hosting service. Which costs their online reputation in long term.

What is Web Hosting?

Every Website and Web App needs to placed somewhere , so in reality, a web-hosting is nothing but a computer which is active and connected to the Internet 24 hours and 7 days a week. Unlike, a normal computer, the computer system used by a web hosting provider are much powerful and robust.

Various form of Web Hosting Services

Though all the Web host services act as storage space for your website, but they differ in terms of Server Speed, Network Speed and Access to Configurations.

The Hosting services are divided mostly in three categories namely Shared Hosting , Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

Shared Hosting :

As the name suggest, in shared hosting, your server resources are shared with thousands of other websites. Though using Avant Garde methodologies, you’ll be getting a sense of individuality, but in reality many other websites are using the same computer. Shared hosting are most affordable among all . Many web host providers provide unlimited hosting space and bandwidth, but due to lack of root level configuration access, it is almost impossible to get benefit from unlimited space and bandwidth. Moreover, many hosting providers give you notice, once you utilize Memory more than the basic website.


  • Most Affordable among all.
  • Preferable for blogs, basic website and photo gallery.
  • Preferred by Startups and DIY Individuals


  •  Incredibly Slow
  • Lack of security
  • Lack of Configuration Access
  • Limited Memory

Dedicated Hosting :

Dedicated hosting , also known as Virtual Private Server are used when you want more than just a website. In dedicated hosting you are technically, renting a parallel configured computer system ( similar to virtual machine). Therefore, it comes with root level configurations and options to host unlimited domains. Dedicated Servers comes with limited RAM,CPU and Storage Space. Many of Dedicated Hosting Provider allows you to re-install Operating System after a certain time.


  •  Full Control over hosting
  • You can install your preferable Languages
  • Fast and Robust


  • High level of technical knowledge is required
  •  Expensive

Cloud Hosting :

Cloud Hosting is nothing, but a cluster of servers and network resources working together, these clusters are sometimes referred as ‘cloud’. In cloud Hosting, whenever there is a resource savvy task or sudden traffic spikes, the load is handled by distributing it among multiple servers in the cluster. This type of arrangement is beneficial in the applications where scalability matters a lot. Whenever there is load on one server, it is distributed among other servers .


  • Fast and Scalable
  • Scalable
  • Service is provided on Pay-as-you-go basis


  • Expensive for small Web Applications
  • Lack of configuration access

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