Google AMP : Speeding up the mobile experience

Last year, Google changed the way the mobile user browse their website, by introducing the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages aka AMP Pages. As name suggest, they are meant to enable the Mobile user with fast and clutter free experience in Mobile Browsing.

What is Google AMP and How it Work?

Google AMP as it is meant to provide blazing fast browsing experience to mobile users, provides a narrower set of instructions that are not in harmony with that most of the developers are used to.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages enables ultra fast user experience by implementing two methodologies.

  1. AMP Pages have it’s own set of tags and reduced support for JavaScript, which make it clutter-free and less bloated.
  2. AMP Pages are cached and served from Google’s own server.

How to use Google AMP in your Website?

To enable Google AMP on your website. You have to create separate pages, which includes AMP Javascript Library and AMP Tags. After that you’ll need to add Canonical URL’s in the head section of your Website Pages and wait for google to index/crawl it.

Why use Google Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Quality: Using Google AMP pages will provide your End-User a blazing fast site browsing experience while simultaneously saving their time and resources that are consumed while loading the Website. It will help you gain their trust, while serving the best quality content and reflecting your commitment to quality.

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engines and Social Networks awards websites that care for their users by listing them differently.

Better Content Delivery: Google caches the AMP pages and serve them from their own servers, thus helping your user with best experience.

Currently, AMP pages are built for Publishing Blogs and have partial support for E-Commerce websites, but we can see full support in nearby future.


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