How to Choose the Right CMS for Your Website
Every CMS will have its own set of features to offer. Some platforms may offer all the requisite functions you need, while others might offer an unmatched intuitive experience. So, it becomes confusing as to which features are crucial as there are many basic features which are common to all the CMS platforms. If you are developing a new website, a Content Management System is your best bet as you will have full control of […]
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What You Need to Know to Be a Front End Developer
Have you ever looked at your desired website and wondered exactly what made it tick? Have you looked at the way it was laid out, the way the buttons acted when you clicked them, or any other part and thought, “I wonder how complicated that is?” or, “I wish I could do that”? All of those things are front end development (sometimes also called “front end web development”). While web design is the way a […]
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Choosing the right Web Hosting Services
Now-a-days, As Web resources are getting more and more affordable, more and more businesses want an online face for their brands. But in the excitement of having a website and surrounded with lucrative offers from various host. Most of the businesses pitfall in choosing wrong hosting service. Which costs their online reputation in long term. What is Web Hosting? Every Website and Web App needs to placed somewhere , so in reality, a web-hosting is […]
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Getting the Right CMS for Your Business Website
Gone are the days when we used to write long blocks of code for developing a website. Now-a-days, there are drag and drop website builders, which allows a novice to manage the content for there website by themselves, these tools are known as Content Management System(CMS). As, You may know LAMP is the most popular server environment, thanks to its scalability and affordability, there are 3 most popular CMS fueling the millions of website all […]
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