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UX/UI (User experience) is the difference between a good and bad website. It takes the user’s needs into every stage of your product lifestyle.
It was really biggest challenge for Fboxer to design the Financial website and Dashboard that present large data analysis and visualization of eye catching design that will be fully responsive for all screen and devices.
We collaborate with our client to design and develop an online strategy and extend the site capabilities using the latest technologies and solutions in the spotlight and bring in new business opportunities.
Our Design Team deeply involved in the Discovery phase regarding the background information such as marketing and functional requirements are analyzed and studied. This research leads to initial prototyping to explore design possibilities in the design phase.
Than team crated a site map, UI/UX and visual design with interactive prototypes and combination of easy navigation, clear and concise content plus dazzling presentation results in a high impact web experience that will enable our client to take their product to market at a rapid pace.


Fboxer Development Team has a tough challenge to code the client concept and make it real for users. Our Crazy Developer accepted the challenge and coded the complex concept.

Development Frameworks

ASP.NET is a web application framework marketed by Microsoft that programmers can use to build dynamic web sites, web applications and XML web services. It is part of Microsoft's .NET platform and is the successor to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology.
ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript Libraries, jQuery, node.js, angularjs, Modernizr, JCarousel, Raphael etc.

APIS Integrations

Intuit Customer Account Data API

The Customer Account Data API provides your application the ability to access data stored in financial institutions. In addition to the API calls, we provide two software development kits for Java and .Net that make it easier to use the API in your application. There are two ways for applications to communicate with the Customer Account Data API: REST (RESTful Web Services) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

Intuit QuickBooks Payments API

Need to accept payments? Process credit card payments on your eCommerce website or set up online processing up for your customer's site. In the same app, easily record transactions in QuickBooks Online.

Salesforce Platform APIs

Salesforce provides programmatic access to your organization’s information using simple, powerful, and secure application programming interfaces. We created architect design, integrated Security, User Interface, Business Logic and Data.

Yahoo! Finance APIs, Yahoo Historical Data API, social media apis etc

financial trade center dashboard


  • Financial Trade Center

    Set reminder for upcoming transactions to stay on track in your financial goals

    Financial Trade Center Case Study
  • Financial Trade Center

    Banking, Investment, Insurance, Credit Cards, Rewards, Loan, and Mortgages Transactions History along all categorized and UN categorized transactions.

    Financial Trade Center Case Study
  • Financial Trade Center

    Set your goals Financial Goals to fulfill your dreams

    Stack Dosh
  • Financial Trade Center

    Customer profile page with purchase records

    Financial Trade Center Case Study
  • Financial Trade Center

    Investment calculator

    Financial Trade Center Case Study
  • Financial Trade Center

    Live stock market with historical data

    Financial Trade Center Case Study

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