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Data Mining and Data Integration Services

For building fast, secure and reliable software products and applications.

Data Mining Solution

Fboxer’s team of data researchers, mathematicians and Algorithm Experts will help you get most out of your business by using the avant garde technologies used in Data mining and Data analysis.

By using advance algorithms and machine-learning paradigm related to your sales, we’ll help you forecast the sales, customer demographics and right customer targeting.

Data Analytic Solution

Whether, you want to extract Data from homogenous data or from Heterogeneous data sources. With the help of ETL Systems, we’ll extract the data, validate it and transform it to match your business requirements.

Data Integration Solution

Fboxer is a renowned name, when it comes to the Data Integration. With the help of in-house team of experts having specialization in leading technologies such as PHP, ASP.net, Javascript and JQuery, We are the best to establish connectors such as Hadoop, Apache Spark, Mean Stack, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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