What we do

Court House Capital provides you with necessary funds and capacity to instigate proceedings to get the result you deserve. We have a variety of funding arrangements such as

Complete funding for all legal and expert costs

Security for costs fundin

Adverse costs funding

Combination of all of the above to suit your requirements


With deep capital resources, you can be assured Courthouse Capital has the capability to support your claim for the duration required

Successful Outcomes

We have strong experience and fund cases we believe in and work hard for you to arrive at a successful outcome.


We adopt a client centric approach and tailor our funding to suit your needs.

Litigation funding provides a plaintiff either funds to bring a claim and/or funds adverse costs and in some circumstances security for costs or a blend of all of the above. In exchange Court House Capital will receive a return of the amount recovered by the claimant this will depend on the circumstances of each case and the type of funding you will require.

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Matters we fund

Common Types of Funding Matters

Breach of Contract

class actions

Insolvency dispute matters

Disbursement Funding


Professional liability

Shareholders, directors, investor disputes

Family Law


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