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At Batam Spa factory we use science & nature to trend back to ancient beauty remedies using ingredients once only meant for royalty. We pack more goodness in every bottle; from cocoon silk powder to hibiscus hydrosols, we load our products with nature, vitamins and use a higher percentages of active ingredients. We use fewer chemicals, (less than 1% preservative) and to ensure freshness, we make everything fresh on site in small batches. Packaged in user-friendly containers so you can have the best at-home spa experience possible! Furthermore, isn’t it nice to know that something so good for you is also so affordable!

Let your skin be kissed by nature and try our new Tropical Blend Series specifically designed for and to be used in the tropics, made right here on Batam Island in Indonesia. Or check out our NEW line of ancient beauty rituals from around the world. Each product captures a famous historical person, complete with their amazing beauty ritual.

| Tropical Blend Series

| Ancient Beauty Rituals

| Shower Time Cocktails

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